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So what's going on with this campaign?

If you made it past the homepage, maybe it means you’re interested in understanding our campaign’s goals, activities and means. Maybe you’re wondering how you could contribute to spreading our messages.

That’s great! We really w.a.n.t. people to get on board!

Hereby you’ll find the main activities and tools we have planned so far to spread the news that we all have the right to enjoy the show,  and “all” should include spectators with specific needs.

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You can travel all across Europe from inclusive theatre to inclusive theatre, thanks to our interactive map.

We collected and put on the map theatres offering one or more inclusive service. The list is constantly updated: if you run a theatre and you wish to be included, please write us clicking here.

You can start navigating the map clicking here.


As part of the INCLUSIVE THEATER(S) Project, co-financed by Creative Europe, we collected best practices at European level in the field of inclusion of D/deaf, hard of hearing, blind and visually impaired persons in theatres, both as performers and as spectators.

We learned a lot from and so can you: have a look clicking here.


We have a “news from the world” section, where we publish posts and articles from the organisations that joined the W.A.N.T. campaign. You can find very interesting training opportunities, learning materials, invitiations to conferences and live events (online and offline).

You can have a look clicking here.

Download our Manifesto and spread it all over the internet

Here’s our manifesto. It’s a matter of rights.

Spread it on Facebook and other social networks, we already did the cut & paste work!

You can also download our Manifesto it in a printable format (.pdf file), clicking here, but we strongly advise to make good use of social media to disseminate it (e.g. your Theatre’s or Company’s Facebook or Instagram page), instead of wasting precious natural resources to have people reading it.

We believe the use of paper should be really, really well justified: for example, to reach people who would be totally impossible to communicate with otherwise. However, we also reccommend to look for an environment conscious printing service (e.g. using recycled paper, inks with low environmental impact).

Watch and share our videos like there's no tomorrow

Riproduci video
Riproduci video


12 January 2021 – 12.00 CET

Online event

Presentation of the WANT Campaign during THE CONFERENCE ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE


10 April 2022 17.00 EEST 
ISON Theater, Athens (GREECE)

Dr. Emmanouela Patiniotaki will give a two-hour introductory seminar on the concept, the use and the operation of the “Tactile Tour” as applied at the theatre as an access service for the blind or visually impaired people.


14 May 2022 09.00 CET "Storchi" Theatre, Modena (ITALY)

An international group of Keynote Speakers and a national panel exchanged practices and points of views about how theatre should become more inclusive in Europe and beyond, with an eye on the Emilia Romagna Region.

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